Welcome to Mission Euphoria
Let the Offshore Space Adventure Begin

Embark on an Unparalleled Space Race with TotalEnergies

Dive into the heart of the ocean where challenges abound and teamwork is the key to success. “Mission Euphoria” is fun a challenging and fun game, tailored exclusively for TotalEnergies’ bravest explorers – you.

Here, every mission is a story of courage, strategic thinking, innovation and execution. As part of our elite offshore personnel, you will navigate through simulations that mirror the vast, unpredictable marine environment, all while ensuring the seamless operation and energy efficiency of our global endeavors.

The two Commandors Jan Sargent Behrens and Martin Frandsen welcomes you aboard. Together they will ensure you and your team a safe, challenging and fun Journey.

So, gear up, set your sights on the horizon, and let the Space Race begin.

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Is it possibe to start and stop the game?
Yes, you may start and stop the game at any time. Can be a good idea to schedule a new time to continue the game.

How do we buy the resources at Mission Control?
You need to earn 100.000 Energy Credits to buy resources (oxygen, nutrition, battery chips, etc) for the space race. Use the Purchase Order to both EARN and BUY the resources you need.

Do we get the 100.000 Energy Credit we earn physically from Mission Control?
No you add them to your Order form and use them to buy the resources you need before take off.

Can you use the Booster all the way back to earth or does it stop at Utopia?
Yes, you can use it all the way home, but only in the red squares

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